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VALMER mod. P136 |3 Axis VMC|

High Performance & High Precision VMC

  • X-Axis Travel 1360 mm
  • Y-Axis Travel 700 mm
  • Z-Axis Travel 700 mm
  • Table Size 1400 x 700 mm
  • Max. Table Load 1000 Kg
  • Spindle Speed 12.000 RPM (STD)
  • Spindle Motor 20 kW
  • Spindle Taper BBT-40 / BT-40 
  • 3 Axes rapid feed rate X, Y, Z, : 32, 32, 32 m/min
  • 30 Tools Capacity ATC
Standard Acccessories
  • Fully enclosed splash guard
  • Fanuc Oi-MF Plus (Type 1)
  • Spindle Oil Cooler
  • Screw-type chip remover (left disposal)
  • Bottom guarding flushing coolants
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Remove MPG
  • T nuts for table slot
  • 3-Step warning light
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The CNC VMC mod. P136 by VALMER, is your best choice in machining work. The entire machine is ruggedly constructed to assure the highest machining accuracy.

  • The structural parts of the machine are manufactured from high quality MEEHANITE cast iron, rib reinforced and stress released to assure it remains deformation-free year after year.

Base and Column

The base and column are built in a single Meehanite cast iron with oversized ribs capable of withstanding the heaviest stresses. These are subjected to outdoor stabilization treatment for a minimum period of 6 months, allowing to eliminate the residual internal tensions; the geometry of the base has been designed to facilitate both the evacuation of chips, as well as the accessibility to the machine by the operator. The base and the column are designed and designed according to the application of the analysis and design system (FEA). Using this system, the computer determines the thickness and location of the internal ribs. In addition to the remarkable stability, the body of the base and the column are such as to guarantee a very high level of finish on any working material. Linear guides are obtained on the base for the transversal movement of the cross slide (Y axis) and of the workpiece table (X axis), and the 4 augers for chip evacuation. Linear guides are obtained on the column for the vertical movement of the spindle line (Z axis).

Cross Slide and Piece Table

The cross slide and the workpiece table are also made of a single Meehanite ® cast iron. The slide has in the lower part the 8 skids for sliding on the guides of the base (Y axis), and in the upper part the 6 skids for sliding on the guides of the workpiece table (X axis). The workpiece table has a series of “T” grooves in the upper part for fixing the pieces or equipment. Both the surface of the table and the grooves are ground.

The Guides

The three main movements of the machine (X, Y, Z) are all on linear guides with recirculation of steel rollers of the best brands. An efficient timed automatic forced lubrication system guarantees constant lubrication on all contact surfaces. The dimensions of the guides are such as to make the specific pressure very low even under very heavy loads and work stresses.

Spindle Line

It has a monolithic structure in Meehanite ® cast iron. The structure is “thermally symmetrical” to limit the effects of any thermal excursions that may be generated. An efficient cooling system with external refrigeration unit keeps the temperature constant. The structure of the spindle line has 4 skids in the rear for sliding on the column (Z axis). The motion transmission takes place on the spindle in direct line with electronic range change; as an option it is possible to mount an electrospindle. Standard rotation speeds are 12,000 or 15,000rpm; optional, it is also possible to mount an electrospindle at 20,000 or 24,000rpm. A Fanuc motor (20kW) is fitted as standard;

Large Capacity Coolant Tank with Casters

Sliding coolant tank can be pulled out easily while coolant pump with mesh filter take away cutting chips quickly.

Automatic Tool Change

The automatic tool change system consists of a “chain” type magazine positioned on the right side of the column and a double grip exchanger arm. The standard capacity of the warehouse is 30 places. Optional we can also have 40 or 48 seats. The tool magazine is completely covered, by means of a pneumatic door that opens and closes allowing the arm to perform the exchange (no series A) thus avoiding the entry of chips and dirt. The exchanger arm is built according to concepts of considerable sturdiness and reliability over time. The bidirectional “Random” type tool selection, with tool search according to the shortest path, allows a quick preselection during the machining, therefore a masked time. The tool change is very fast, it only takes 2.3 sec. (Tool to Tool) to do it.

Tool Refrigeration System

It is complete with a very large collection tank capable of collecting up to 450L, pump and pipes for cooling the spindle and cleaning the machine. On request, the system is equipped with additional high-pressure pumps for the passage of water through the spindle and systems for the recovery of exhausted oil in the tank to avoid pollution of the emulsions.

Electronic System

The plant, integrated with the CNC of the machine, is complete with a watertight cabinet. All the controls as well as the control unit are placed in the front part, while the electrical cabinet is located in the rear part of the machine. An effective air conditioning system ensures that the operating temperature inside the electrical cabinet is controlled and constant to prevent the electronic components used from being damaged, especially in the warmer seasons.

Table Size 1400 x 700 mm
Max. Table Load 1000 kg
X, Y, Z Axis Travel 1360 x 700 x 700 mm
Table to Spindle Nose 100~ 800 mm
Spindle Speeds 12.000 RPM
Spindle Taper BBT-40 / BT-40
X, Y, Z Axis Rapid Feedrate 32/32/32 m/min
Tools Capacity 30 (40 Opt.)
Max. Tool Weight 7 kg
Max. Tool Length 300 mm
ATC Time 2,3 sec
Spindle Motor - FANUC 20 kw
X, Y, Z Drive Motor - FANUC 3 / 3 / 3 kw
Net Weight 9500 kg
External Dimensions (L x W x H) 4670 x 2983 x 3104 mm