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BX 35

The boring machine VALMER Mod. 35 automatic is a very precise machine, assembled with normal and preloaded ball bearings of the best makers.

All moving parts are constructed with hardened and ground special steels.

The gears for the speed change and the feed are hardened and ground and they slide on two grooved axis.

The electrical and mechanical controls are placed on the machine front side and they are easily accessible.

The automatic feed is an electro-magnetic type and it is operated by pressing the push-button on the cross levers.

All inside mechanism are lubricated with a pump.

All these features assure a long machine life.


Technical data and characteristics shown are not binding, but they are subject to alteration for improvements.

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Technical Specification - Drilling Machine
Maximum capacity to drill 35 mm
Morse taper 4 mm
Speeds 9 n.
Spindle Travel 200 mm
Column diameter 160 mm
Distance from column to spindle centre 370 mm
Distance from table to spindle centre 795 mm
Distance from base to spindle centre 1200 mm
Table dimensions 480 x 560 mm
Base dimensions 470 x 800 mm
Spindle speed 81 - 115 - 162 - 226 - 321 - 452 - 637 - 904 - 1274
Power of motor 2 HP
Approximate net weight 490 Kg
Total height 2270 mm
Automatic feed of drill 0.10 - 0.20 - 0.30 (3 steps)