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TB 16

The TB-16 bench drill is truly designed for engineering and production use. Very heavily built and manufactured to exceptionally accurate tolerances, this drill press will stand up to hard work every day. The headstock has been machined to precisely match the quill housing, virtually eliminating any spindle run-out, even at full quill extension. Because the column is surface ground, the table rise and fall is super smooth in operation, making table height adjustment a light task. The high torque  motor drives the spindle via a 5-speed belt drive, with machined steel pulleys eliminating vibration. Safety is provided for by a solidly made chuck guard, electrically interlocked, as is the belt cover. A large emergency stop button, which locks closed automatically, completes the picture. This high quality bench drill press is designed to meet the demands of engineers, educational establishments and light production workshops.

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Technical Specification - Drilling Machine
Maximum capacity to drill 16 mm
Morse taper 2 mm
Speeds 5 - 10 n.
Spindle Travel 85 mm
Column diameter 85 mm
Distance from column to spindle centre 210 mm
Distance from base to spindle centre 230 ÷ 435 mm
Base dimensions 330 x 480 mm
Spindle speed 225 - 375 - 450 - 600 - 750 - 900 - 1200 - 1300 - 1800 - 2600
Power of motor 0,5 - 0.75 HP
Approximate net weight 100 Kg
Total height 1000 mm